Rink Open!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Fletcher Park rink is officially open and we’re looking forward to a great weekend of skating! There are still a few thin spots around the edges as of tonight, but we’re hoping with a hard freeze tonight we’ll get even better ice around the edges and with a freshly cleared and smoothed surface we expect a great weekend of skating!


This year, the rink is nearly 20% larger, the same size as 1/2 of a full size hockey rink. The quality of ice is excellent right now, and we plan improved maintenance to keep the rink surface as smooth as we can make it. Finally, the rink now has under ice lighting along the boards, making it possible to skate until the rink closes at 8PM.

If we do need to close the rink due to warm weather or maintenance, please respect the ‘closed’ signs. When we close the rink it is to protect the rink surface, and skaters on the rink when it is closed can do permanent damage to the ice or liner.

The rink owes its existence to the continued support and effort from the Lexington DPW, who have contributed greatly in making it possible. Thank you! In addition, we’d like to thank our private and corporate sponsors who provided financial support allowing us to get the rink started last year, and incorporate some wonderful improvements this year. We’d also like to thank the Lexington Lions Club for their continued support this year, without which the rink wouldn’t happen.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to some great skating coming your way in 2017 … the lights are in and we’ve been able to resurface thanks to Lexington’s DPW, now we just need to get through the warm temperatures the next several days and hope to be open by next weekend, Friday (Jan 6th). Stay tuned!

We are accepting donations and volunteers throughout the season – just click on the tabs above to become a part of Fletcher Park Ice Rink!


Thank You To Tricon Sports!

unnamedA big shout out to Tricon Sports for their very generous donation to this year’s rink.  Tricon Sports is located in Lexington on Waltham Street and sells all kind of outdoor winter sporting goods, including skates.  New this year is the Tricon Sports Edge Card, a skate sharpening program.  To learn more about it, you can go to http://www.triconsportsinc.com/tricon-edge-info.  The ice is that much better with sharpened skates!

2016’s First Company Donor

A big shout out to Dr. Coppe’s officeunnamed for being our first company donor of the new season! Thank you to Dr. Coppe, Dr. Carolyn and the entire staff for their generous support of the outdoor rink and bringing winter fun to Lexington Center.

Our fundraising goal for the year is $10,000. We are on our way but we need your help! If you’d like to make a donation to the Fletcher Park Ice Rink, please donate using Paypal:

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or send a check to:

Lexington Lions Club
PO Box 7
Lexington, MA 02421

Rink Started But Closed To Skaters

Just in the time for the coming cold snap, the rink at Fletcher Park is under construction. The boards are up and we’ve started the flooding, but the rink surface is not safe to skate on yet. Please do not skate on the surface even if it appears frozen. Use of the rink before it has completely solidified damages the ice, making it hard to get a smooth surface, and damages the liner.


We’re excited to be underway and look forward to opening the rink soon!

Coming Soon – Fletcher Rink 2016/2017

After a wonderful summer off, we’re pleased to announce that the Fletcher rink will be returning to Lexington this winter.

We’ve incorporated the feedback we received from our fellow Lexingtonians and have made a few updates for 2017.

  1. The ice surface will be 20% larger.
    We’re increasing the size of the rink surface itself to better accommodate skaters. The rink this year will be 100′ by 85′, making it exactly half the size of a standard hockey rink.
  2. More frequent resurfacing
    Last winter, the ice surface itself was pretty variable. This was mostly driven by the unusually temperate winter, but infrequent resurfacing didn’t help. This year, we’re planning on resurfacing more frequently to improve the quality of the ice surface itself.
  3. Improved rink access
    One of the challenges of an outdoor rink is how to get from the benches where you put on your skates to the ice itself. This year we will have benches located near the municipal lot at the rear of the rink (as we did last year), but we’re also planning rubber walking mats as well as a lower board height entry area.
  4. Hours extended until 8pm
    We’re planning to provide the option to skate even later in the day, extending rink hours to 8pm. We’re adding rink level lighting that will provide enough light to enjoy evening skating.

As always, a special thank you to the Lions Club in Lexington for their support, the Town of Lexington for its support, and the numerous individuals who have made financial or time contributions to making the Fletcher Rink a success.

If you’d like to get involved or show your support please help us out (we’re a volunteer run organization). You can help in two ways:

  1. Donate
    Donations are used to replace the liner as needed, offset costs associated with filling and maintaining the rink, and for planned improvements to the Fletcher Rink. Click the below button to donate using PayPal.

    Buy Now Button

  2. Volunteer
    We very much need the help of volunteers to keep the rink surface clear of snow. Please volunteer to help out, no experience needed, just the desire to help and the willingness to enjoy a winter night outside warmed by the community of other volunteers.I Want to Volunteer!

Closed for the Season

We’ve closed the rink for the season. It’s been a wonderful first year of outdoor skating. The weather made this year a challenge with long warm stretches followed by cold snaps. But we managed to get some good ice time in and will look forward to another great winter next year!

Rink is Open – Get Skating!

We finished flooding the rink again yesterday morning. The rink is open once again, just in time for the cold weekend. Lace up your skates and hit the ice!


You can see the difference that fresh water and cold weather makes in the before and after pictures above!