Rink Closed Due to Weather

We have the rink closed right now due to the warm stretch. Once the surface refreezes we will reopen the rink!

When the surface is soft, skating can damage the ice (making it very very difficult to repair) or the liner (making it leak). Please stay off the ice when it is soft or closed.

Rink is Open

Whew! The Fletcher Rink feels pretty large when you’re out there getting more than a foot of snow off of it! The good news, most of the snow is gone and the ice underneath is in good shape. Please feel free to brave the cold weather and skate!

Two requests as you head to the rink today:

  1. Please watch where you’re skating!
    This is outdoor ice and there are rough patches here and there. Keep your eyes on the ice and be prepared. We’ve worked hard to make a great ice surface this year, but as always heads up and be careful out there!
  2. Please grab a shovel and pitch in!
    We spent the morning with shovels and snowblowers clearing the surface, but there is still snow on the surface in spots, and caked on in a few spots. The Fletcher Rink is a volunteer run rink, we rely on community support to keep the rink going every year. If you love the rink, grab a shovel and spend just five to ten minutes shoveling a small area. If everyone who skates this today would spend those ten minutes, the ice surface would be pristine tomorrow morning!

Rink is Open! Get Skating!

It is cold, but that came in handy as the Lexington DPW put a fresh set of water down yesterday afternoon. The result is wonderful, smooth ice this morning! Even though it is chilly, it is a perfect time to get a little outdoor skating in before heading into warm up over some hot chocolate. Get out there!

Fletcher Park Rink Open!

Well there is one upside to the cold stretch that we’ve hit- THE RINK IS OPEN! Thanks to Mother Nature and the timely installation of the boards, liner, and water by the Lexington DPW, we have a nice ice surface for people to skate on! If you were given a new pair of skates for the holidays, now is the time to give them a try. Enjoy some time on the ice and walk across the street or downtown afterwards to warm up with some hot chocolate!

Happy Skating!

Lisa, Doug, and Charles

As always, donations keep the rink going. If you love the rink, please donate!

Rink Construction Started

The winter has arrived and with it, the Fletcher Park Rink! The boards are up, the liner down, and the rink is flooded and chilling. It will take several days for the rink to freeze and for it to become safe to skate on. In the meantime, please don’t skate on the Fletcher Rink until we’ve confirmed that the rink is open. (Skaters who break through the ice will have cold wet feet, but are also likely to damage the very expensive liner causing it to leak.)


Here’s hoping for a nice cold stretch with very little snow! We’ll be sure to post an update when the rink is ready for skating!

Rink 2018

Well the long wait is over. I know we’ve all gotten tired of the warm weather and the sun. Now the countdown begins to Fletcher Rink 2018. We’re planning to open the rink again this winter, targeting an opening in January once sustained cold weather has arrived.

There is a small group of volunteers that works with the Lexington DPW, the Lyons Club, and the Town of Lexington to provide the rink to the community. But beyond this partnership, the rink requires sustained funding to continue to operate. If you enjoy using the rink, enjoy seeing the rink adding ambiance to Lexington, or are just in a giving mood, please donate and support the rink.

You can donate using Paypal below:

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Or if you would rather, please send a check to:

Lexington Lions Club
PO Box 71
Lexington, MA 02421

Donated funds are used to replace damaged brackets and boards, replace the liner as needed, and to add additional features (last year we grew the rink and added nice rubber mats to make accessing the rink easier). Thank you in advance!