Season Off To a Great Start!

We have the first weekend of the open rink under our belt, and it was a great one! With the sunny weather, we had a lot skaters out testing the ice. One other small update:

For those little ones just learning to skate, you can find milk crates near the rink. The crates can be stacked and pushed to help provide some balance as the little ones take their first spin around the ice.


Though it is cold outside, nothing warms you up like a few spins around the rink! Get out there while the getting is good!



2019 Opening Sunday January 13

We’re happy to announce that the Fletcher Park Rink will open for the season on Sunday, January 13th. We have had a nice cold stretch and one more overnight freeze should have the rink ready to go tomorrow!

Bundle up and bring your skates starting tomorrow. Enjoy the cold crisp winter air with the chance to skate in the outdoors in the heart of Lexington!

Getting Colder, Rink Freezing

We’ve lined and flooded the rink- now we just need some help from Mother Nature. We need a stretch of days with sub-freezing temperatures to help establish a nice ice foundation. Once we’ve gotten that, we’ll open the rink for the season! Hang tight as the weather forecast looks promising!

Waiting on the Weather

A brief update. January has come, but the cold New England winter has not yet arrived. We’re waiting out the warm temperatures and will begin making ice as soon as we have a good cold stretch. We’ll keep you posted as we progress and get the rink open for the season.


Rink Open!

Rink is open today in the hopes we can get in another day or two before the warm temps move in … please be forewarned that the far edge (along parking lot) is very thin and breaking so please use caution when entering onto rink!  thank you!!

Rink back open!

The ice is back in skating shape with the arrival of the colder weather!  Please use caution getting on ice at far edge of rink (along parking lot) as there is a gap between liner and ice in some areas.  Thank you!