Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to skate?

Nada! Skating is completely free and we hope you enjoy the opportunity to experience the fresh air this winter.

Is the rink currently open?

Nope! It’s still too warm. That said, we’ve begun the process of getting the rink up and running for 2016 and will likely have it open just after Christmas, perhaps over Christmas break with some help from Mother Nature.

How can I help?

There are three ways you can help:

  1. We need donations to help fund the rink. Please learn more about donating here.
  2. We need volunteers to assist with the maintenance of the rink. If you have skates and a shovel, you qualify! Please sign up here.
  3. We need people to use it! Be sure to hit the ice once the rink is up and running. If the community uses the rink, it will be a success.

Is hockey permitted?

Not this year. Since thing rink will be a single surface with low boards, we’ve decided to limit usage to skating, no sticks on the ice. We love hockey, though, so we’re going to listen to feedback, monitor how the rink is used this winter, and incorporate what we learn into next year’s plan!

How large will the rink be?

The rink will be approximately 100 feet x 85 feet when completed this year. Last year it was 100 x 65 feet.

Are there rental skates available at the rink?

There are not rental skates available at the rink- it is strictly bring your own skates. We haven’t found a convenient spot to recommend that rents skates but if you are aware of one, please let us know!