Cold temps are here!

The cold temps moved in last night, winter has arrived!  The rink is not frozen over just yet but we are hopeful to open over the MLK weekend – stay tuned!!

… Our thanks to DPW for helping clear the leaves that accumulated during the warmer weather…

Rink will be back for it’s 5th year!

Lexington’s Pop-up Winter Rink is Back for it’s 5th Season!

We are thrilled to announce the Fletcher Park Ice Rink will be back for it’s 5th season in Winter 2020.  Please stay tuned for more information about the rink opening.  New this year:  the SkateLexington crew will be working with a private company (thank you to Gatchell Co!) to help with snow removal during significant snow events … we will however still have shovels out for volunteers to help maintain throughout the season as well!

If you’d like to donate to the rink to help cover the costs of maintaining the rink, please go to:

Or if you would rather, please send a check to:

Lexington Lions Club
PO Box 71
Lexington, MA 02421

Thank you to the the Lion’s Club, DPW, the Town of Lexington and rink enthusiasts of all ages for your continued support!
Looking forward to the 2020 season,
Skate Lexington

Rink is messy!

The rink is messy from the snow / sleet / rain yesterday – we are hoping the weather over next couple of days will help with melt and refreeze.  If you can stay off the rink for the next few days, there is cold weather ahead early next week for – fingers crossed – a little more skating time this season, thank you!

Rink Open!

Rink is open today in the hopes we can get in another day or two before the warm temps move in … please be forewarned that the far edge (along parking lot) is very thin and breaking so please use caution when entering onto rink!  thank you!!

Rink back open!

The ice is back in skating shape with the arrival of the colder weather!  Please use caution getting on ice at far edge of rink (along parking lot) as there is a gap between liner and ice in some areas.  Thank you!