Rink is Open

Whew! The Fletcher Rink feels pretty large when you’re out there getting more than a foot of snow off of it! The good news, most of the snow is gone and the ice underneath is in good shape. Please feel free to brave the cold weather and skate!

Two requests as you head to the rink today:

  1. Please watch where you’re skating!
    This is outdoor ice and there are rough patches here and there. Keep your eyes on the ice and be prepared. We’ve worked hard to make a great ice surface this year, but as always heads up and be careful out there!
  2. Please grab a shovel and pitch in!
    We spent the morning with shovels and snowblowers clearing the surface, but there is still snow on the surface in spots, and caked on in a few spots. The Fletcher Rink is a volunteer run rink, we rely on community support to keep the rink going every year. If you love the rink, grab a shovel and spend just five to ten minutes shoveling a small area. If everyone who skates this today would spend those ten minutes, the ice surface would be pristine tomorrow morning!

One thought on “Rink is Open

  1. Lisa January 6, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    The rink looks amazing – thank you Charles and Sean for the blood, sweat and tears this AM!


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