Rink Open!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Fletcher Park rink is officially open and we’re looking forward to a great weekend of skating! There are still a few thin spots around the edges as of tonight, but we’re hoping with a hard freeze tonight we’ll get even better ice around the edges and with a freshly cleared and smoothed surface we expect a great weekend of skating!


This year, the rink is nearly 20% larger, the same size as 1/2 of a full size hockey rink. The quality of ice is excellent right now, and we plan improved maintenance to keep the rink surface as smooth as we can make it. Finally, the rink now has under ice lighting along the boards, making it possible to skate until the rink closes at 8PM.

If we do need to close the rink due to warm weather or maintenance, please respect the ‘closed’ signs. When we close the rink it is to protect the rink surface, and skaters on the rink when it is closed can do permanent damage to the ice or liner.

The rink owes its existence to the continued support and effort from the Lexington DPW, who have contributed greatly in making it possible. Thank you! In addition, we’d like to thank our private and corporate sponsors who provided financial support allowing us to get the rink started last year, and incorporate some wonderful improvements this year. We’d also like to thank the Lexington Lions Club for their continued support this year, without which the rink wouldn’t happen.

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