Fletcher Rink Progress Update

Well the winter hasn’t necessarily arrived in force just yet, but that actually works well for the Fletcher Rink. Some of the todo items to ready Fletcher Park for the rink have begun. From humble beginnings come great things!


Stakes and marking outline the approximate placement of the rink on the park.
Stakes and marking outline the approximate placement of the rink on the park.


Fletcher Park is readied with snow fencing.
Doesn’t look like a winter wonderland yet, but give us a few weeks (and a little help from mother nature)!


We can’t wait for the rink to be up and running and to see fellow Lexingtonians (and other neighboring communities) out on the ice this winter!

2 thoughts on “Fletcher Rink Progress Update

  1. Lynnell Stern December 29, 2015 / 2:25 am

    * no sports will be permitted for this first year of operation, thus, no hockey sticks allowed
    I want to suggest you rethink this. I think for most hours that could be the rule, but I think once the little children and perhaps older adults are gone, there is no reason to not allow others to play hockey. Perhaps from 9pm until 9am hockey should be allowed. What do you think?


    • Charles Teague December 30, 2015 / 2:18 pm


      Thanks for taking the time to write feedback for us!

      We’d love to have hockey on the ice (believe me, I personally would be out there all the time) and it remains a goal of ours. For the first pilot year of the rink, we’ve decided to limit stick use. The reasons are really two fold. First, by limiting stick use, we are able to make the surface safer for the little ones or others who might not mix well with hockey or chasing pucks. Second, since the rink has low boards and is near roads and parking areas, we have to be careful about flying pucks and balls hitting cars or disrupting traffic.

      This first year we really want to just get the rink off the ground and get feedback just like this- the more we hear about what people want, the better we’ll be able to make the rink a success for the town, so thank you!


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